The Aliens on the Train

Episode 35,   Mar 26, 04:00 AM

After a spate of UFO/UAP sightings in recent years, the military, media and government seem more open to the possibility of extra-terrestrial visitors. Yet most of the reports inspire us to only look up into the heavens and watch the skies.

Tonight, we hear a chilling account from one eye witness, who had a bizarre encounter while travelling by rail from Stratford-Upon-Avon to Swansea, South Wales in the UK. Her story prompts us not to look up at the sky…but rather to our left and right…to who might be sitting next to us on public transport.

I’m Peter Laws, and tonight on Frightful we take a terrifying ride…with the Aliens on the Train.

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This episode is based on an account given to the UFO researcher Richard Dolan.

Thanks go to researcher Fred Andersson, for bringing this strange tale to my attention.

Special thanks to Tracy Allen and Albie Robles for their voice work in this episode. You can hire Albie here and he comes highly recommended by Frightful.

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