The Queen's Ghost Backs Boris

Episode 40,   Mar 24, 01:04 AM

Johnson, Dick, and Akbar. What more could you want?

NonCensored is  a weekly round up of Harriet Langley-Swindon's very popular, very real daily radio show, completely non-Censored (but with all of the rubbish edited out).

This week Producer Martin is away, so Harriet is joined by a stand-in producer doing Martin a favour: Sir Keir Starmer KC, whom you may recognise as the leader of the opposition.

Sir Keir does not take part in Harriet's exclusive interview with Boris Johnson, who reveals the very special support he received during his crucifixion by the privileges committee, as that would be a conflict of interest and unlike rival news outlets we do have standards. But he joins Harriet in talking to former Met Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick about the Casey Review, and to Eshaan Akbar, who has a Hot & Spicy Takeaway about Gwyneth Paltrow. 

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