Tim Chantarangsu shows NO MERCY | Scissor Bros w/ Steebee Weebee & Jeremiah Watkins | Ep 104

Episode 104,   Mar 24, 01:00 PM

Tim Chantarangsu is here and Steebee is feeling extra spicy today. We work out some personal struggles while Tim chats about his experiences with fatherhood, Jeremiah shares stories from his clubbing days, Steve has had just about enough of Jeremiah and we all play a good ol' fashioned game of MERCY.

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Producer: Ryan Armendariz (https://www.instagram.com/_peril)
Editing/Graphics: Jordan Blauvelt (https://instagram.com/limitbreaklife)
Intro: Ryan Strauss (https://www.instagram.com/anotherstrauss)

00:00 Teasers
00:41 Opening Song "Light It Up"
04:38 Skin Conditions
09:41 Mullet Rage
14:51 Incoming Kids
27:47 The Homie David
33:48 Father Steve
36:06 Houston Eats
40:17 Jeremiah Went Clubbing
46:03 Grinding Arousal
51:13 Mercy Challenge
55:42 The Punishment
1:00:00 Gerald's Thoughts

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