Frat Cinderella Story

Episode 285,   Mar 30, 12:00 AM

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Cody shares stories from his recent Vegas trip while Noel reports live from New York. Plus, the guys share tech tips, recent happenings in the world of Ai and the story frat star Cinderella.

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0:00 Live from New York
1:14 Intro
2:20 Zoom Sucks
2:50 Tour Update
4:10 Cody’s Tech Tips
8:01 Noel’s Weekend
10:10 SeatGeek
11:48 New Clip Concept
14:47 Dudes in Vegas
20:30 Gambling as a Unit
23:57 Aura 
25:49 Strategically Betting Yukon
29:01 Sweaty Little Piggies
30:03 Cinderella Pledge
34:25 BetterHelp
36:09 Cody’s Encore Residency 
41:25 Feeding the Roulette Table
47:04 Old Ass Bus
52:14 Diagnosing Patient Zero
53:30 More Clip Content
55:20 Scary Sam Altman 
57:05 Ai App Store
1:03:40 Ai Copyright Law
1:05:45 Cannibalizing Capitalism