NEW YORK - Maksim Gelman: The NYC Killing Spree of 2011

Season 2, Episode 110,   Mar 31, 03:50 PM

Every day, millions of people walk the busy streets of New York City, from natives heading to work to tourists visiting famous attractions. Everywhere you go, you see thousands of faces from all walks of life. But how well do we really know these people? What are they capable of? In February of 2011 a man named Maksim Gelman spent 28 hours terrorizing Brooklyn and New York City, stabbing and killing people he believed had wronged him. He then attempted to flee by hijacking several cars, running over a man in the streets, and trying to hijack a subway train. 
During a harrowing subway ride, Maksim Gelman attempted to add Joe Lozito to his list of murder victims. But thanks to Joe's heroic actions, he bravely thwarted Gelman's attack and single-handedly took down New York’s Spree Killer. Today, we have the privilege of hearing from Joe Lozito himself as he shares his incredible story. This is the story of Maksim Gelman, The NYC Spree Killer, and you are listening to Murder in America.

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