Issue 479: The Mandalorian Season 3 So Far with Melody McCune of Geek Girl Authority... I Have Spoken

Apr 07, 08:00 AM

Today on the podcast Jong is out so Michael is joined by special guest Melody McCune, the managing editor of Geek Girl Authority and contributor to Sideshow Collectibles blog and Tell-Tale TV. Michael and Melody catch up on what's happened on the Mandalorian since episode 3, what they thought of episode 6, why this latest episode could have been handled differently, whether this could be considered a filler episode, who's had the strongest character arc so far, why it wasn't a good idea to sideline Grogu, the growing relationship between Din and Bo-Katan, who's the villain lurking, how the looks at the New Republic showcase the rise of the First Order, whether the cameos took away from this episode, the Armorer's motivations, could this be our buildup to a cross over event, and who's riding that mythosaur by season's end! All that and more!