Episode 29,   Apr 27, 04:00 AM

Looking at ways to enhance, restore or rewild our biodiversity, although crucially important for many ecosystem services that we depend upon for survival, they should not be seen as separate issues to actions to adapt or mitigate against any impacts of climate change.

In this engaging discussion from two very experienced, passionate and eloquent voices, we hear from Ray O’Foghlu, a Nuffield scholar, Wild Atlantic Rainforest Project Lead & Farm Programmes Coordinator at Hometree. We are also joined by Rob Gandola, a Legacy4Life Pond Development Officer, Senior Science Officer of The Herpetological Society of Ireland, Wildlife Consultant and occasional TV presenter.
In this open and honest discussion, Ray spoke about the need of getting communities on board with any work on land to enhance, restore or rewild it and listen to their genuine concerns. Also, the need for getting the basics rights, enacting and enforcing what we should be doing now, is a crucial first step in improving our biodiversity in Ireland.

Rob also spoke about the importance of getting buy-in from all stakeholders, through awareness raising, while listening to the concerns of the local people impacted on any biodiversity enhancements or rewilding, thereby building trust and enabling a much better outcome for all concerned.

Both Rob and Ray would love to see a National Wetland Restoration Scheme set up, which could go a long way to restoring lost wetlands, while providing many ecosystem services, such as improving habitats and enhancing our carbon sink capabilities.

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