Discover the Top 5 Hikes in North Alabama with Huntsville Adventurer

Episode 41,   May 04, 2023, 12:00 PM

Get ready for an exciting journey through North Alabama’s breathtaking hiking trails in this episode of Unexpected Adventures in North Alabama. Melea sits down with the Huntsville Adventurer himself, David Parham, to uncover his top five hiking spots in the area. David’s passion for hiking is contagious as he shares his love for discovering hidden waterfalls, stunning views, and mysterious caves. Listen as he provides insider information about each hike, including difficulty levels, the best times to visit, and essential permits and preparations. David also spills the beans on some crucial hiking do’s and don’ts that every adventurer should know. From wearing the right clothing to packing a first aid kit and leaving no trace, he’s got you covered. Grab your hiking boots and tune in to this must-listen episode!

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