Emmeline Hartley, the Nexus Cast & Crew Network and the uphill struggles of UK filmmaking

Season 3, Episode 7,   May 20, 2023, 06:13 AM

Nigel speaks to Emmeline Hartley of the Nexus Cast & Crew Network and they embark on one of the most eye-opening discussions of the podcast to date, diving into the terrain of the UK film and cinema industries and why establishing a career in grassroots filmmaking is often so hard.

We also get the opportunity to learn about the Nexus network, its origins and how it helps to uplift independent filmmakers in underserved areas of the UK. Touching on issues of funding, cost and exposure, this interview goes to some very honest places as Emmeline exposes just how much of an uphill (but not hopeless) struggle British filmmaking can be.

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