Season 7 episode 8

Season 7, Episode 7,   May 31, 02:01 PM

Jade has a bad hair day
Tony has a house for sale
Krivo watches a man get bogged

And we have exclusive  and big Australian news !!!!

We interview Adam Thompson , who is the co-founder and CEO of Pacific Pickleball.

 So to find out all about this exciting organisation, it’s partnership with the PAA and all its future activities… let’s welcome to the Podcast Adam Thompson !!!

The Pickleball Librarian talks about Memorial Day as he joins the Topeka Pickleball Association’s potluck. Cheryl West describes the scene at 10am. Married pro players on the tour Ben Newell and Yana Grechkina later stop by and say hi.

The Librarian then shares his interview with Leonard Krishtalka, the author of “The Body on the Bed.”

He feels it is the best historical legal fiction novel since “Snow Falling on Cedars.”

Leonard and Drew then share their thoughts on the Gearbox CX14H Ultimate.