The Power of 5 Margaritas

Episode 294,   Jun 01, 12:00 AM

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The guys debate the true power of five margaritas, react to the outrageous prices of food at EDC, watch some quality crab content and dissect the griddy’s global impact. Plus, Noel shares recent stories from the Euro leg of tour while Cody details his 12 hour Vegas bender.

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0:00 Green on Green
1:03 Intro
2:10 Candice in Antwerp
3:59 Cheeky Lad Grabs
6:44 Nipple Foreskin
9:04 Noel Miller & Chill
9:53 Just…Choose to Travel
12:44 Twelve Hours in Vegas
13:24 The Shared PJ
15:46 Pilot Luke
17:09 Flying Logistics
18:35 Lax Security
19:27 Vegas Douche Gang
20:33 The NOT Private Jet
22:17 Jet to Set 
22:59 EDC Food Prices
25:35 Leaving Vegas UP
27:41 New Set Transition
29:47 Globe Trotting w/ Noel
30:36 Stoicism on 200
31:58 New Castle Intimacy
33:23 Hittin’ The Bowling Leaderboard
36:19 A Beautiful Rest Stop
38:20 Margarita Mayhem 
40:47 What Happens After Five Margs
42:15 A Second Watch
45:13 Post Margs Peg
46:15 Five Level Thinking with Leon
47:32 From Poop to Blood Tests
48:24 Revisiting Marg Merch
48:55 Rare Blood Alert
50:09 King Crab Sword Fight
51:17 Still Thinking of Her
52:03 Uk Tings
52:50 The Worldwide Griddy
56:20 Reflecting On Chaotic Drunk Cooking
59:12 Crab Vs Carrot
1:00:30 Noel’s Personality
1:02:00 Less Nah for Noel
1:04:33 Happy Place
1:05:08 Hotboxing the Office
1:06:20 Bonezone Time!