Eric Weinstein - All Hell Is About to Break Loose

Jun 28, 11:01 PM

Eric Weinstein is an American physicist and podcaster. He attained his PhD in mathematical physics from Harvard and went on to be the joint managing director for Thiel Capital from 2013 until 2022. He is a public thinker, commentating regularly on the interaction between math, markets, music, science, technology, rationality, mysticism, creativity, learning and culture. He hosts the podcast ‘The Portal’ @

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00:00 Intro 
01:41 Eric Weinstein’s Background
04:13 What is Wrong with Physics?
05:21 Has Science Stagnated?
06:47 Society's Lack of Innovation
08:31 Our Vision of the Future & Ourselves
12:06 Are We Developing Too Much?
14:01 The Rise of Artificial Intelligence 
16:52 How Quickly Will AI Take Over?
20:48 What are the Consequences of AI?
22:31 Is AI-Art Still Art?
25:41 The Work Shortage
28:10 Does AI Create Opportunity?
29:30 Sponsor Message: Babbel 
31:37 Does Art Reflect Our Time?
35:49 The Loss of Meaning in our Society
41:21 How to Find Your Own Voice
48:14 The Manipulation of Science to Control Narratives 
50:13 Why are our Institutions so Good & Bad Simultaneously?
51:45 Embedded Growth Obligations
56:27 The 1619 Project
1:01:11 What Was Wrong with MLK’s Fiction?
1:04:58 Has our Society Given up on The Future?
1:10:01 Infinite Growth & Finite Resources
1:11:43 Short-Termism & The New Economic Model
1:17:33 How Else Can we Unshackle Creativity?
1:22:31 The Meaning Crisis in Art & Life 
1:31:55 The Weaponisation of Taste 
1:33:57 What’s the One Thing We’re Not Talking About?