Positioning: A game-changer for HSPs

Episode 81,   Jun 20, 2023, 10:45 AM

If, like me and many of my highly sensitive clients, you have found yourself consistently overwhelmed as you navigate the relationships in your life, the Positioning tool I am introducing to you today will be a complete game-changer.

If you are doubting yourself and feeling a lack of self-confidence when you interact with colleagues at work, managers or even within your social circles, this tool will help you regain control on how you feel and how you show up in your personal or professional relationships, instead of letting your emotions, your sensitivity and other people take full control. 

The concept of Positioning, which I have fully shaped to suit the HSP trait, is hands down what has changed my clients’ life, and mine, the most. I share with you a powerful testimonial for my client Aurelie, which I hope will inspire you to take action.

I teach you the basic principles behind positioning and share the reasons why this concept and tool is so powerful particularly for HSPs and the pain points which we encounter in our life and work.

I offer you to practice one of my empowering positionings and leave behind the dis-empowering ways of thinking and behaving which you think were keeping you safe, but which in reality were holding you back from finding your voice and fulfilling your amazing HSP potential.

Download your free JTP roadmap here and give yourself access to a whole different HSP ball game.