HSPs & Relationships - Part 1: Harmony and Safety

Episode 82,   Jul 04, 2023, 01:46 PM

Relationships… I don’t think there is a juicier topic for HSPs, and we’ll start to understand why in this first episode.

In my experience, one of our main source of intense emotions as HSPs is our relationships.

This episode gives you a blueprint to understand yourself as an HSP when it comes to how you approach and navigate relationships, not only to other people, but also to yourself. That relationship to ourselves is always the starting point, and we often by-pass it – so I make sure we have a look at that.

I teach you how our default setting as HSPs is to constantly seek connection and harmony within that connection with others. 

I also tell you the reasons why we as HSPs are always looking to validate our sense of safety.

We also learn, in this episode, how we sometimes delegate this harmony and safety fully to other people, and build the road to our own disappointment.

I teach you two exercises to start developing that relationship to yourself, which is the very foundation for building safe, healthy, joyful and consistent relationship with others.

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