HSPs & Relationships - Part 2: Connection & Trust

Episode 85,   Aug 15, 2023, 08:00 AM

Join to explore Connection & Trust, two central concepts at the core of how HSPs approach and build relationships.

In this series on HSPs & Relationships (this is part 2 – Part 1 is episode 82), I aim to give you a clear blueprint to understand yourself as an HSP when it comes to how you approach and navigate relationships, not only with other people, but also with yourself.

I teach you why these two concepts are so critical for HSPs and the challenges which they can bring to us building and maintaining healthy, fulfilling and productive relationships both in our personal and professional life.

I lay the foundations for each concept, and give you practical strategies and exercises for you to raise your self-awareness and see what might need tweaking in order for you to create smoother, fulfilling and regulated relationships around you.

Understanding your need for Connection and Trust as an HSP, and how your search for these both drives your behaviour and can get in the way, is critical for you to progress towards having a more rewarding relationship with yourself, and with others.

The questions and strategies I teach you are readily applicable and will bring both awareness and relief, if this is a topic you have been wrestling with, like I have for a long time.