The 5 items on my overwhelm-free plan

Episode 88,   Sep 26, 2023, 09:00 AM

Overwhelm used to be a big part of my life as an HSP - 95% of my time was spent feeling overwhelmed.

Drastically reducing my overwhelm has freed up time, space and capability for me to create an extraordinary life where I have quality time to focus on my dreams, my decisions, my wellbeing, my contributions, my team and my hobbies in a calm and constructive way.

This is what I call my “overwhelm-free plan”. The after-story, if you will.

Today, I am sharing 5 items on my overwhelm-free plan and discussing how these items came to be and are fully available to me now that I am not in coping, survival overwhelmed mode anymore.

Tune in and get a feel for what your overwhelm-free plan could look like.

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