Kris Jenner Thugs It Out Whilst Doordashers Deliver C*ck, in a Post 9/11, Not-So-Little Mermaid World

Season 1, Episode 2,   Sep 29, 2023, 07:30 PM

We're back, and by this point you should know if you're ready to continue listening or not :) Please be advised we are not sponsored by Raya, Alo, or Vetements, yet, and have zero affiliations with any conspiracy theorist organizations, yet. Join us in our discussion on the parallels of our rich childhoods with movies we know and love, as well as eye contact x anal. You're invited to ponder where you were during 9/11, and which public figures you wish were dead. Xox, stay blessed. -Daniel (Dilla Daly), Austin (Suzi), Kennedy (Kenye/ Pick me lesbian)