Things That Feel Illegal In Schools But Shouldn't

Season 4, Episode 6,   Oct 01, 09:00 AM

In this WILD episode, our hosts share their own stories and experiences of things they have done as teachers that their schools made feel illegal but were, in fact, completely and totally okay. ** No laws were broken in the making of this episode!

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Join KC Mack and guests Sam Salem and Chinedu Unaka as they discuss all the things we do in school that feel illegal, but really shouldn't. In this episode, our hosts share their own stories and experiences of things they have done as teachers that felt illegal but were, in fact, completely legal. 

From Sam's story about wearing jeans to school to Chinedu's tale of leaving school on time and the teacher who wouldn't dress up in costume, our hosts provide insight into the things that are often frowned upon in the teaching profession but are perfectly legal. 

KC also talks about not wanting to wear costumes because of the Spiderman with ears costume his mom got him. Later, Sam talks about a teacher who doesn't decorate their classroom as much as the other teachers and shares his advice on how to involve parents. 

Finally, Chinedu talks about taking the pressure off new teachers and supporting them so they can continue to enjoy teaching. Chinedu emphasizes the importance of teachers being proud of what they do and understanding that teaching is hard.

So join us for this episode of Teachers Off Duty and learn more about Things We Do That Feel Illegal, But Shouldn't. It's sure to be an interesting and entertaining conversation! 


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