Pumpkin Spice Season

Episode 18,   Oct 02, 10:00 PM

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Hunter and Noel share stories from their recent Vegas trip, plot holes in common horror movie tropes and reasons for Taylor Swift being a robot. Plus, the best pumpkin spice drinks and why every Roman Empire TikTok video is the same. 

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Hosted by Noel Miller & Hunter Hancock, Created by TMG Studios, Noel Miller & Hunter Hancock, and Produced by TMG Studios, Noel Miller & Hunter Hancock. 

0:00 Rap God
1:05 Intro
1:30 Hemorrhoids: The Great Equalizer
3:04 Vegas Recap
9:36 Marine Layer
12:25 Car Crash PRANK
14:36 Flight Attendant Rub Down
17:20 Ai Sopranos
18:56 Sold Out for Chantix
20:48 Taylor Swift is a Robot
22:58 Blue Chew
25:13 The Taylor Swift Effect
26:49 Blueface 
29:44 The Roman Empire 
31:55 YouTube Shoutouts
35:58 Noel’s Special
38:10 Haunted Homes
44:41 Horror Movie Plot Holes
46:20 Lying in Vegas
49:20 Pumpkin Spice Gambit
50:20 Hunter’s Distractify Interview
53:44 We Love Our Wives
56:11 Kangaroo Court
58:00 More Distractify