Shifting Perfectionism

Episode 89,   Oct 10, 2023, 09:30 AM

Today, we are talking about how to shift perfectionism as it participates in the imposter syndrome you might be experiencing. 

My experience as an HSP, and working with dozens of highly sensitive leaders and contributors, is that, for us, imposter syndrome is mostly triggered by perfectionism, and a deep, deep fear to be, or appear im-perfect.

This episode will help you understand how you experience imposter syndrome as an HSP and give you tools to shift your narrative around perfection in order to increase your quality of life.

This practice has allowed me to create a different baseline in my life as an HSP, where I feel relaxed, valued and feel like I’m doing the right thing, at my own pace.

This episode will teach you how to make the impact you want to make AND still feel valuable and content when things are not perfect.

This will free up space for you to be content with what you have, and what you have created so far. This is the best space to create more from and be your awesome HSP self!

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