Chatting to a #citizenrelay reporter.

Jun 08, 2012, 06:39 PM, Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland

Having a chat with Sean McGee, a #citizenrelay reporter about his experience in Glasgow before the torch arrived. #glasgow #mcgee #media2012 #reporter #sean

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gillianlambie - over 5 years ago

Yeah, as much *advertising as there seems to be, there isn't actual any proper advertising. People seem to be told days, as opposed to times, and the posters and bunting are being taken down as quick as they go up. Interesting to be there though and not something I will forget in a hurry!


__2014LovesSocial - over 5 years ago

Agree about people not being aware what was happening and a lack of information. I was at Kelvingrove in the morning and in the evening and although there were Olympic flags up there was no information in front of the museum itself for passers by to learn that the Olympic torch would be arriving there that evening. Pretty sure most Partick folk had no idea it would be happening. Also with the crowds at Kelvingrove those standing further back couldn't actually see the cyclist Danny, some folk were confused as they were expecting to see a runner instead and actually missed seeing the torch in spite of being there!