My 3 Overwhelm Lessons

Episode 90,   Oct 24, 2023, 08:03 AM

The experience of Overwhelm is very common for a lot of highly sensitive people and this is what we are discussing in this episode.

Overwhelm is an intense, gripping emotion which can hold us back from thinking, contributing and performing at our best. It can also hinder our wellbeing and happiness. 

But, on the flipside, Overwhelm is also here to teach us something. 

An emotion is a response to an environment and perhaps, when we are overwhelmed, it means something needs our attention, something needs to change, either internally or externally. 

Today, I am sharing my 3 biggest Overwhelm lessons and what this emotion has taught me about myself, about what’s best for me, and about how to best work and live as an HSP. Let’s dive in!

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