Our relationship to time as HSPs

Episode 92,   Nov 21, 2023, 10:26 AM

Join us on the podcast this week to hear more about our relationship to time as HSPs, and how this relationship might be triggering some of the anxiety and overwhelm you might be experiencing.

Our perception and experience of time is different from the rest of the population because, as HSPs, our brain processes information differently.

This might impact how we feel about time passing, about the time we have or don’t have to do our tasks, or maybe our feeling of having too much time, which can also trigger anxiety.

We explore other elements such as time estimation and productivity, always with a focus on neurodivergence and where we HSPs are on the spectrum between neurodivergence and neurotypicality.

I offer good questions, tips and an experiment to really start exploring your relationship with time, and get on track to make time your ally for feeling calm, in control and staying productive.

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