Talking "I'm Not Finished" with Rebecca Gallon, Matt Hansen & Tina Zucco

Season 3, Episode 15,   Dec 09, 2023, 01:00 PM

Trigger Warning: This episode contains discussions pertaining to sexual assault.

In this very special episode, Nigel talks to the winners of the Outstanding Drama Short at this year's Surrey Short Film Festival (now the Cameo Launch Short Film Festival). Director Rebecca Gallon, producer Tina Zucco and writer and lead actor Matt Hansen reveal the background of their drama short film I'm Not Finished.

The film follows Alex (Hansen) as he bonds with Ellie at a house party. Sparks fly between the two but when one makes a move and takes things too far, what started as a fun night ends up being a traumatic experience. I’m Not Finished is a short film about desire, intimacy and consent and the complex social codes surrounding these notions.

Matt speaks candidly about the events that led to him writing this film and how he established a creative partnership with Zucco and Gallon, who would ultimately guide the project toward becoming a powerful and painfully insightful short film.

The film and this conversation contains discussions relating to sexual assault. If you have been affected by any of the topics discussed, we have included a link to Survivors UK below, who are a great source of support and who partnered with the makers of I'm Not Finished on the production.

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