5 strategies to thrive when misunderstood

Episode 96,   Jan 23, 02:53 PM

Join HSP and leadership expert Muriel this week on the podcast to explore the best strategies to thrive when you feel misunderstood as an HSP.

Today, we talk about this feeling of being misunderstood, or perhaps not being understood at all, when you are HSP.

She shares two stories around feeling misunderstood which she has experienced over the Christmas holiday – you’re not alone!

She shares how she's managed these situations, the strategies she has used to thrive, and what she has learned to keep growing.

She is teaching you 5 strategies in order to keep going and keep thriving even when people around seem completely disconnected from your experience as an HSP.

We naturally want to insist, re-explain, repeat – out of frustration – but how about we take a step back and regain our power with the strategies she suggests?

Applying these strategies will allow you to navigate people’s reactions in a balanced way, and find solutions that work for you as an HSP with ease and in peace.

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