The Murder of Rachel Burkheimer

Episode 309,   Feb 20, 05:00 PM

Hey ya'll! Tori was sick for this one so I hope you can put up with just me! -Tyrella

In September of 2002, 18-year-old Rachel Burkheimer went to a house party with friends, thinking that she’d have a night of fun. Unfortunately, Rachel never returned home from the party. Instead, the group of “friends” abducted her, bound and gagged her, put her inside a duffel bag, and drove her to a desolate area where they forced her to watch them dig her grave. Rachel was murdered by those that she trusted after rumors of her betraying them were circulated. How did the pretty, athletic, and driven 18-year-old end up buried in a shallow grave, with one of her best friends holding a shovel?

TRIGGER WARNINGS: domestic abuse

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