Caroline & Selfy in Afghanistan Day 4

Jun 14, 2012, 04:50 PM

Today Caroline & Selfy talk with people working with the Afghan National Army at Camp Shorabak... Major Bob Brown talking about working with the ANA Shopping and Caroline discovering how the Afghans saw her coming...
Warrant Officer Class 2 Sgt Rob Davis talks about medical training ANA.
Lloyd Reid a mover from RAF Brize Norton talks about work and family.
Hugo Mc Culloch about the Theatre Logistics Group and what they do. Caroline cocks up her military acronyms.. Baterting, what is there to buy in Afghanistan as a souvenir?
Caroline wakes up the WHOLE tent.. then discovers she's been flashing them after a shower.
Captn Stu Douglas from the Brigade Advisory Group James Tate from Dalton Barracks Royal Logistics talks about what they do at work, and what there is to do in down time...
Oriel (sorry if we've got wrong spelling) from Logistics at Dalton Barracks talks about his family.. Again thankyou everyone for giving us your time. #jackfm