Best of Once Upon a Crime: O.J. Simpson

Season 8,   May 06, 11:00 PM

We’re wrapping up Season 8 on the way to Once Upon a Crime’s 9th birthday! We’re sharing six of our “Best Of” Episodes from the archives to celebrate eight years of true crime podcasting. 

First up, you’ll hear a clip from one of our most popular episodes released as discussions with everyone’s favorite co-host, my sister, Yolanda.  We’ll break down the O.J. Simpson case with details you may not have heard before.  

Season 6: Episode 225: Breaking Down the O.J. Simpson Case with Yolanda -

Season 3: Episode 115: The Darlie Routier Case w/Yolanda -

Season 2: Episodes 71 and 72: The 12 Crimes of Christmas - Laci Peterson, Parts 1 and 2 -


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