Mastering Chapter Structure: A Guide for Non-Fiction Authors

Season 2, Episode 57,   Jun 02, 11:12 PM

Chapter structure - sounds like a yawnfest, right? But before you assume this is one for the insomniacs out there, let me just say it’s something most authors struggle with when attempting to write their first non-fiction/business book in their niche. 


Because it’s something we assume will be simple, but when we come to do it, it actually feels rather confusing! Fear not, though. Structure is my bag. My bread and butter. My thing.

So in this episode, I’m giving you a simple framework for structuring your chapters that will make everything much easier.

You'll discover:

  • My 4-step structure to writing great chapters - it’s how I write mine and how I advise my authors to write theirs.
  • Why it’s important to have each chapter structured in a similar way - hello, readers!
  • How story can be an important part of each chapter you write and why - we want to hook those readers and keep ‘em hooked, baby!
And LOTS more!

So, if getting your chapter structure nailed down has been a head-scratcher for you - this episode will have you out of the gates and writing in no time. No more overwhelm or confusion. Just a simple, straightforward blueprint for you to follow.


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