Harry Potter Gets a Disney Character Recast!

Jun 01, 02:00 PM

Prince Eric as Harry Potter

He has dark hair and…would look good in glasses? And he has Lily’s eyes (at least the movie Lily’s…)

Alfredo Linguini as Ron Weasley

This comes down to how you view Ron. And we see him as the trying too hard bumbling sidekick (sorry Ron…)

Tiana as Hermione Granger

Driven and needs a time-turner to be able to meet all the goals and do all the things. She has the future Minister of Magic written all over her.

Merida as Ginny Weasley

She is not afraid to play with the boys and become the best in her chosen sport. And she has those rambunctious brothers to keep in line (and laugh with).

Russell as Neville Longbottom

He is the sweet, worried friend who wants help, even if it means standing up for his friends. And to his friends! The wilderness (and herbology) must be explored!

Rapunzel as Luna Lovegood

Dreamy-eyed and barefoot, no other Disney character captures the whimsy and individualism of Luna Lovegood. She doesn’t quite fit in, and she loves it that way (and Flynn loves her that way too!)

Prince Hans as Draco Malfoy

Draco’s family situation has created a boy who is either the awful bully or the whimpering victim. And we assume Hans’ big brothers had a lot to do with how two-faced Hans ends up in Frozen.

King Fergus as Rubeus Hagrid

Super intimidating on the outside, a total teddy bear on the inside. But if you push around his loved ones he will flip a switch and come after you!

Queen Elinor as Minerva McGonagall

Scottish accent and an affinity for “wearing” fur coats. What else doesn’t this woman have in common with Professor McGonagall?

Merlin as Albus Dumbledore

Long white beard, a pointy hat, and helps his protege grow into the leader who will help his people out of the fear of the “dark” ages. If he’s not Dumbledore, we don’t know who is.

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