Jun 04, 01:07 PM

Hello, potential listeners! It's Rob Manuel here, the creator of Fesshole, and co-host of this brand new podcast. 

Right, now is the time to reveal a little more by giving you a trailer that isn't just me and David Stevenson pretending to be aliens in an imaginary episode of Star Trek.  

So this trailer does sensible things like tell you the show is coming in multiple formats including: the week in review; interview episodes; talk to the fessors; and even a game show one.

And we've included very, very tiny clips so you can hear we're not bullshitting and have actually recorded stuff. 

It's not just some confidence trick to see if we can make a podcast that doesn't exist chart in some KLF made out of sellotape stunt.

However by showing you our ankles you can now think "but I preferred imagining your ankles, that was sexier" but this is the nature of media projects, at some point you have to get off the toilet and show people the turd you've pooped out asking "do you reckon this will flush? Should we see a doctor?"

That's how it works at the News At Ten with Trevor McDonald, and that's how it works for us.

Wait, you're bothering to read this coz you like confessions and you don't just want silly waffle. 

OK, here's some fesses we rejected this week as bonus content not available elsewhere:

  • "When I feel dejected I like to eat a tub worth of vaseline"
  • "I was struggling for inspiration for a name for my unborn son. I found that inspiration from my local newspaper's  'crimewatch' section"
  • "Friend's Nan rang up all mithered, she said there was a paedophile in her pantry & asked if someone could come and remove it. Rather pleased to find it was a centipede and not in-fact a paedophile"

(Rejected that last one not coz it's not funny, it is, but was slightly worried it was nicked off a video that did the rounds a few years back. See we have standards.)

Anyway, enjoy the trailer proper - toodle-pip, and lots of love from your admin Roberto Manuel who believes in you and your ability to subscribe to this podcast.