Finding Joy in Your Writing Practice - with Natalya Androsova, PhD

Season 2, Episode 58,   Jun 09, 11:45 PM

Do you look forward to each and every writing session? Do you sometimes struggle to find the joy - especially when you’re knee-deep in the first draft? 

If so, on this week’s podcast, I’ve got a wonderful conversation for you to listen to.

Natalya Androsova is an award-winning writing and dissertation coach with over two decades of teaching and coaching experience. She has coached professional writers and university writers of all skill levels–students, staff, and faculty. Her passion is helping writers become more courageous, authentic, and kind to themselves.

Through individual coaching, writing groups, and writing retreats, she’s helped hundreds of writers break through blocks and find inspiration, a more authentic voice, and greater freedom in their writing and their lives.

During our brilliant chat, we discuss:

  • How to approach your writing as a joyful practice - a little like you might treat a yoga practice - and creating a space both mentally and physically that can help you complete your best work.
  • Managing writer’s block and how to feel inspired and motivated to continue - even when trying to control that voice of self-doubt.
  • The importance of self-compassion in the writing process and how we should all embrace the journey for what it is - full of ups and downs and twists and turns.
  • Natalya’s own writing process and how she approaches each book she writes - and how she uses that to support the writers she works with, too.
And LOTS more!

Natalya and I approach the writing process in such a similar way, but what I took from this conversation is how to embrace a more purposeful—almost spiritual—side to my practice and treat it with the love and respect it deserves—that I deserve! 

Natalya’s words really struck a chord with me, and I’ve been working on a more intentional practice ever since. Thank you, Natalya!

I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as much as I enjoyed having it!

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