#45Conversations An update from the beach

Jul 08, 2012, 03:57 AM, Point Roberts, WA, United States

Thoughts on the future of #45Conversations from a beach in Point Roberts, Washington.

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boydjane - over 5 years ago

Paul - you are so generous with your comments. Thank you. This G+ project has turned into an incredible learning experience on so many levels. I am so excited to now know that it is the beginning of something that will be around for a long time - thanks to the support and encouragement of so many people - yourself included.


omaniblog - over 5 years ago

Has there ever been a better series on Google+ Hangout live-on-air? The Google guys must be thrilled. They must be saying to themselves: "what did we do to deserve the Jane Boyd treatment?"
Right now, I imagine them in San Francisco chatting about 45conversations, wondering what they have to do to be invited to participate? They could well be saying "we don't want to spoil the party".
Oh yes, this is a spark of genius this project and the great thing is that Jane Boyd knows not to get distracted by such thoughts.
Funny how you sometimes start something which gradually becomes incredibly valuable to others - eh?