Please help me save The Shipperies Pub - scene of 'Hey Jude' #acrosstheuniverse - We Love #thebeatles - 20 July 2012 - Episode 108


Jim Sturgess is such an awesome dude that he re-tweeted this podcast to help us with our campaign. He cares and that's why we love him!! You can show the love and follow him on his official Twitter page - - About the campaign.....I've been in contact with the local politicians responsible for The Shipperies Pub and there is no current plan for it. We must protect this historic building from the developers who wish to demolish it to build more luxury houses. We must respect the pub's importance as a local community landmark and place in the history of Liverpool. The Shipperies will forever be associated with the movie Across The Universe and a welcome part of the Liverpool tour for many Beatles fans worldwide! The sad fact is that the street to the side of the pub which Jude walks down in the movie no longer exists. The pub now stands alone. ##beatles ##liverpool ##thebeatles ##mrjimsturgess

Jul 20, 2012, 11:56 AM
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