Meet the London Riot Gang

Jul 25, 2012, 09:46 AM

They have histories of sexual abuse, welfare dependency, juvenile delinquency and poor education and they cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds each per year- let alone causing misery to themselves and their neighbours. They're the UK's most difficult families and they burst into the headlines last year during the summer riots. David Cameron vowed to turn their lives around by 2015 and appointed a government advisor to look into how that might happen. In her recent report Louise Casey recommended that social workers should visit them every day if necessary to help them break free from what she calls a "grim cycle of welfare dependency and abuse." But is it simply too late for some families? What about teenagers who've been kicked out of home or who grew up in the care system? Journalist Harriet Sergeant is a writer for the Daily Mail and the right-wing thinktank the Centre for Policy Studies. In 2008 she did a study into why Black Caribbean and working-class white boys were underachieving and met a group of teenagers in Brixton, South London. And what she saw disturbed her so much that she's spent the last four years trying to help them turn their lives around. She's just published a book about it and introduces them now in a special report for the World Tonight. #BBC #Brixton #Gangs #Hoodies #Rioters