Political comeback kings

Jul 30, 2012, 09:46 AM

Now here's a poll result from this week that might perhaps surprise you. If Tony Blair was leading the Labour Party, 36% of people say they would vote for him, only a few percent fewer than say they would vote Labour now under Ed Milliband. This week's poll might sound academic, but the former Prime Minister isn't doing anything to dispell rumours he actually wants the job back. Asked directly if he fancied it, Mr Blair said "sure". He has also said it's "unlikely" to happen, though that seems to suggest he doesn' trule it out. Politicians have certainly come back from the wilderness before, think Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon, and Italy's Silvio Berlusoni has said quite openly that he wants to return to power, despite all his bunga-bunga troubles. So what circumstances make a come-back possible? Paul Moss reports. #Political #bbc #blair #labour #minister #moss #tony #worldtonight #27july #july2012 #paulmoss #comebacks