Leicester Sound - 5th Anniversary

Aug 25, 2012, 01:11 PM

Here, scraped from cassette is the fifth anniversary of Leicester Sound. Back then, five was actually 'old' for a radio station, so it was a due cause for celebration, not least because this station's predecessor had gone bust.

Kenny Hague hosted the breakfast show on 'Sound FM' that morning in 1989. As you can hear here, the City is his, and he was well able to navigate the nicotine-coloured radio car live, accompanied by the other branded station cars, in a celebratory OB convoy. Enjoy too: the Alfasound jingles; Mark Hayman's Hague-hectoring; and my valedictory hyperbole.

The launch picture makes sobering viewing. From the top (L to R): Andy Marriott (Drive); Graham Neale (Rock show, and suicide); Kevin Wright (Earlies, sadly no longer with us); Tony Lyman (Afternoons); Nick Murden (Breakfast, sadly no longer with us). Below: Guy Morris (mornings); Erica Hughes; and Chris Burns (Lates).