Man Utd fan Francis made some very heartfelt comments about Hillsborough chanting at Old Trafford >>

Sep 15, 2012, 07:42 PM
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marky58 - about 5 years ago

I heard this live on Saturday evening and as a Liverpool fan felt quite touched by the comments, that were genuinely heartfelt. It was an uplifting end to a difficult week, for all those that new that the 96 were indeed 'victims.'

Credit also to the BBC team who let the commentary run. It was great radio. YNWA.


GWAM - about 5 years ago

Be great also if the minority (but a significant one, mind) of us Evertonians knocked the lame "Murderers" chant on the head, too. That one started with us and made its way down the M62 to OT. Doesn't matter claiming the nuanced argument that it is actually about Heysel (true) and that Evertonians have NEVER sang about Hillsborough (also true). That's just a vile argument which basically and illogically boils down to "I'll respect the deaths of 96 Liverpudlians but I'll use the deaths of 39 people at Heysel to score a point against Liverpudlians because they don't respect Heysel more than Hillsborough and we need to remind kopites that Everton got banned from the European Cup etc, etc" and round and round it goes. Vile and cheap. Even if some kopites do conveniently exploit the ambiguity and claim that the "Murderers" chant is about Hillsborough, it shows how stupid a chant it actually is because it can so easily be used to put Evertonians in an even worse light. Quit the "Murderers' stuff and, while we're at it, let's have a clean sweep and jib the "Gerrard baby" song. Everything else should be fair game.


Poynters - about 5 years ago

Francis, that was said from the heart as a football fan. I totally agree with every comment and we also have idiotic fans, who take pleasure in mocking the dead ( munich ) The utd fans who are trying to say its sung in reference to Evra/Suareuz are just trying to cover up for the idiots. Well done mate YNWA


elbatez - about 5 years ago

Thank you Francis,we need more supporters around the country like yourself #LFCREDS