Thank-you boo & more iPhone data info.

Sep 16, 2012, 08:47 AM
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slandi - about 5 years ago

Oh your telling me Bernie, For the longest time I didn't involve myself in 2G or 3G Data just because:

a) I didn't really need it.

b) I found it just too darn expensive.

I still DON'T really need it, it's more of a wish thing, but man what an exercise in frustration to try and get a good deal on cellphone data here in this country. I'm going to put this whole idea on the backburner for a while and just use the iPhone as a glorified iPod, just as you suggested. At the moment the government here in Canada is reviewing the cell phone carriers' practices and I hope to see some improvement in the amount of data they are providing.


topgold - about 5 years ago

The rates you're being charged for over-the-air data can only lead to a life of data anxiety.