Another piano improvisation

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap

Contributed by imogenheap
Sep 21, 2012, 01:26 PM
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IainTaylor - about 4 years ago

Sorry Imogen - piano is not your forte


maemarshgirl - almost 5 years ago

I love it!! :0-)


markrock - almost 5 years ago

I think the G note at 15:34 is slightly dud. There's either a mouse in there or it needs a good clean. Apart from that, as lovely as an evening with friends.


omaniblog - almost 5 years ago

Sitting here at 23:26 on Saturday night - as the embers of the fire die - it's a treat to let your fingers ring the knell of passing day...
Thank you very much.


Fujilives - almost 5 years ago

Thanks for this, was heading to bed and saw the improvisation on facebook so I decided to check it out. Incredibly soothing melody to this for just playing around trying to get motivated. You do more when you aren't motivated than I'll ever be capable of even at my most motivated.


mcfontaine - almost 5 years ago

Just the perfect start to my day today. Made a large coffee and sat back and just started today nice and slowly to this piece. Just the right mix of saudade, but also uplifting. The perfect start to my day, thanks Imogen