The NY subway ads that equate Jihad with savagery


A group called the American Freedom Defense Initiative has paid for adverts declaiming jihad (see picture) to be put up on the NY subway. Pamela Geller, who heads the organisation, went to court to get her message across -- The New York transport authority had initially refused to do so. But last month, a US District Court Judge ruled that she was protected under the First Amendment, which provides for freedom of religion and of expression. The ads will be displayed, across New York's subway, for a month.

I brought Pamela Geller together with Qasim Rashid of the Ahmadiya Muslim Community of the USA. I began by asking Pamela Geller who she meant by "the savage"

Sep 24, 2012, 09:40 PM
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muslimsforpeace - almost 5 years ago

why not make an ad which promotes love rather than an ad which is hate based. I wonder what good this ad will help achieve?
"love for all, hatred for none" ahmadiyya muslims motto