Bear with it

Oct 10, 2012, 11:45 AM

I don't think there's much choice anyway for you. You can rest in your own coherence or you can love others and get caught up in the mess of human affairs. If that's a choice then choose, as much as it's a choice of any kind. But I suspect there's not much of a choice for you there, so bear with it. If you think the choice is between sitting in a lookout by the ocean and letting everything go and being in that calm eye free, or becoming present in the rush of human society then you might be fearful that such noise will violate that calm in you, of you, around you.

I understand that it might be tempting at first glance to see that as a choice before you. But bear with it, because if you do bear with it and stay with that calm, you'll notice that whether you are in a lookout at the top of the cliff overlooking the ocean and hearing its rumble, the sweep of space and time in that pure sense, and the jagged, spiky noise of the city, as the other place, bear with it. Because if you really calm down and stay with love, your love for others and their love for you, no matter where you are you'll be in that calm eye. Bricks, mortar, glass, traffic, half past two in the middle of the city or the moonlight like vanilla essence on a still ocean wavering black at three in the morning, for you will love and be loved.

For love is the calm eye of the storm of human affairs. Bear with it.