Share your story of working and/or studying at Monash Business School. Your experiences may relate to our School at various stages in its history - from the early days at the Clayton Campus to the days of the David Syme Business School at the Chisholm Institute of Technology. Or maybe you studied or worked at Pensinsula or even at one of our overseas campuses. Wherever it was, we want to hear your story!

If you are on a desktop computer, simply click 'Record or Upload a Clip to This Channel' on the right and share your memory. Or, if you are on your phone, first record a voice memo and then upload it into audioBoom.

Please start your recording with your name so we know whose story we are listening to.

Please note that we are taking your participation in the recording process as consent for your story to be used and collected by Monash Business School and placed in the Monash University Archives. Thanks again for sharing your stories with us.