Taste of Sound

Taste of Sound

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Taste of Sound is a community-led, interactive soundmap which asks members of the public to upload the sounds of their foodscape and help build an archive of the aural history of food.

What is a foodscape?

Consider the places and spaces where you acquire food, prepare food, talk about food, or generally gather some sort of meaning from food. This is your foodscape. [Norah MacKendrick]

Taste of Sound is about creating a sonic representation of the diversity of our food culture. It could be the sounds of your local grocery store, the sounds of a popular coffee shop or the sounds of your family making dinner. It could also be the sounds of pub when a drinking song erupts, the sounds of a farmer's market vendor calling out her wares or the sounds of the bubbling of wine fermenting.

Don't forget to tag your recordings with #tasteofsound