Daily XP Grind

Daily XP Grind

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We love video games, and you love feeling superior to others. When you combine the two, you get The Daily XP Grind, our video game podcast!

Listen as the combined force of Joe and Al's knuckle-headed-ness guides you through WTF games, where we find old and new video games that are the worst/most bizarre the medium has to offer! Tune into our Main Quest, where we talk about our main game for the week! Suffer the sting of nostalgia as we delve into Video Game History, and remind ourselves, and you, how old we're all getting! And dick around with us in Side Quest, where we talk about all the games that sidetracked us this week.

When we're lucky, we're even joined by our infinitely more informed friend, Miranda, who also made our logo! (She got the brains AND the talent, hardly seems fair).

Listen, like, and share with you friends! Then go out, game hard, game often, and, as always...

Get your grind on!