6 Feet Above was created when I started to share my journey of spending 16 years wishing I was 6 feet under, to living a full and happy life, 6 feet above. The more I told my story, the more I realized people were genuinely interested in my struggles, without passing the judgement I was always fearful of. I discovered that people wanted and needed to talk about their stories and struggles, and began to confide in me. I started to realize we all have a past with difficulties, and we are probably going through some hard things at this very moment. But it's up to us to not let our past or current struggles define us. We have to take responsibility for our own lives and emotions, because we can use them to create a life we love. The 6 Feet Above podcast will explore this process in each episode. It will be a place to share people's stories of struggle and success. To find out what worked for them in creating a life of happiness. Some weeks it may get pretty dark as we discuss serious topics. Other weeks it may be a bit lighter. But each week we will discover real people, who have overcome their obstacles, to live a life of joy and positivity. I hope you will join me on this journey. I'm Megan Armstrong. Welcome to life 6 Feet Above.