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The bodyscan is used in different mindfulness classes and courses. People associate it with falling asleep and lying on a mat, however, there are other meditations specifically for sleep.

This is a gentle training of the mind towards remaining on one focus at a time. The focus in this case, being different regions of the body. We learn to shift focus with intention, deliberately engaging and disengaging attention in a systematic way through different parts of the body. We learn that it is how we are relating to different objects, rather than the objects themselves, that matters. For instance, how we relate to an injury or discomfort during a practice, is often the way that we react to an emotional stressor in day to day life.

If nothing else though, the bodyscan is a restful space of time that you can give to yourself and when done regularly, can give you a chance to relax and recover, rebalance and reenergise.

(please note the first 3 minutes are a description of bodyscan and you can skip these if you like).