Looking to the Light is a show where we will go on a journey together as we challenge ourselves to shift our perspectives on life, our circumstances, and the tests and trials we face. We will laugh, shed some tears, chat it up and be REAL honest about what we deal with EVERYDAY and how to get through together.

We will experience true transformation by:

✨ Finding the LIGHT in the darkest circumstances

✨ Being the LIGHT in a dark world

✨ Looking to the one who is LIGHT, God who is the light and will guide and strengthen us as we navigate this thing called Life.

It’s about making a shift from Religion to Relationship with God. He is just a prayer away and is waiting on you to include him in the conversation, I promise you he will talk back!

The goal is to be like Christ by showing love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and overcoming longsuffering. It is my hope that my podcast will give you the tools to do that and so much more