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What comes to your mind when you hear ‘software company’?
Fuddy-duddy folks spending time with machines? 
Nerds speaking a different language?
Right-brainers and geeks writing codes? 
Yeah, sure.
But there is more to us than what meets the eye.

When you think of Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW), 
we want you to think fun, fascination, and future.
You see, we are passionate people who jump at the idea of locking horns with challenges.
We code and decode complexities that unlock growth and avenues for the future of individuals, enterprises, and communities.

We find ways to make life better with technology that touches lives. 
We engineer products with innovation at the core.
Products that are a gateway to infinite possibilities. 
Products that invent and reinvent tomorrow.
Products that win more for Bosch and for the world we dream of creating.       

After all, we are here to move the world forward. 
We are here to redefine ‘software company’.
We are here to create tomorrow, today. 
Because we alt_future
Welcome to the Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW) global podcast. Great innovations deserve great stories.
Meet the people behind creating, coding, and developing software-led technologies with us – from mobility, industry 4.0, data structure, machine learning, artificial intelligence, among others.

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