• chuffer73
    just me
  • thetechkid123
    Hello all, this is Simon, I made a new audio boom account for Twitter, everything I will post will be linked to my Twitter, follow me at the tech kid 123.
  • jayren
  • dazoa78
  • Shadow_sun
    I am a blind college student who does just about everything I can. I enjoy reading, writing, talking on the phone, taking walks, feeling trees, flowers, and plants as well as learning about them. I love to spend time outside when I can.
  • LabAnimalOne
    I am a single bisexual woman. I am a writer, musician, singer, energy healer, intuitive, gardener, amature herbalist, and bold adventurer.
  • PeteLane
    Recently retired and honing my tech, podcasting and audio editing and production skills. Hoping to share what I can to enhance the position of blind and visually impaired individuals around the world.
  • shirl1026
    I'm 35, blind since birth, have a guide dog named Nitro. Love music, singing, reading, hanging with friends, talking, have a good sense of humour, my boos will be about random things, follow me if you would like to know more!
  • Iread4u
    Sharing thoughts
  • gallagher123123
    I am a high school student loves technology and music.
  • PD90
    An iranian, blind web developer and musician.
  • amy_liz
    Heyyy 16. Years old huge fan of one direction and musical theater. Going to be posting most of my covers here please follow :-) and feel free to request different songs x
  • MoonCat86
    I am 26, wife of @Freakyfwoof since Apr 09 and mum to @MrJake21 and baby Alice.
  • drummerdaniels
    Blind musician, composer and audio engineer residing in Derby in the east midland region of the united kingdom. plays drums, guitar and keyboards. records his own material, but can collaborate with others if aquired